Peas Porridge Hotfeatured

I wonder if everyone learns to sing silly song to their little ones. I still giggle thinking of my husband bouncing our babies on his knee and singing some nonsense to their utter delight.  Who started these songs and further more, who wrote those lyrics? Falling off horses, rocking cradles in the treetops and porridge Read more



  Tolerance has become quite a buzz-word in the politically correct society in which we swim. Is this term unique to the first moments of the 21st century? Well, wander with me, if you dare, to a passage penned at the end of the first century. Here we find the apostle John exiled on an Read more



How many of you would love to be a godly influence in the life of a teenager? In this day and age, that can seem rather daunting.  Even impossible. Well, a couple of days ago I heard a high school girl share how she is busy decorating a wall in her bedroom with Bible verse Read more


Let’s Adorn the Doctrinefeatured

Welcome to Glitter, Glue and God’s Word. I hope that you’ll join me for a journey as we travel together to explore the beauty of the Bible, using paper art as one of our vehicles. Are we even allowed to do that? Honest question. How about if I give you a Biblical precedent? In Titus Read more