A quick word on temptation might not sound very uplifting. But, then again, if you’re presently in the thick of things, with temptation buzzing around your head like a swarm of gnats, this might be a cool drink of water—or a fly swatter; whichever works better. While recently reading the account of Jesus temptation in Read more


Father Knows Bestfeatured

Does anyone else ever treat prayer as the big suggestion box in the sky? Pitiful, isn’t it? I remember a particularly difficult situation when I finally threw up my hands in frustration with the Lord and told Him I had no idea how in the world He was going to fix something. I’m pretty sure Read more


From Persecute to Pursuefeatured

I love to look up the original language when studying a verse of Scripture. I think it’s fascinating to see new points of view by digging a little deeper into individual words. And I had just such an opportunity this past week while studying the third chapter of Philippians—a rich chapter, to be sure. So, Read more


The Right to Bear/Bare Armsfeatured

 Now, am I about to go all-NRA on you or am I simply voicing a desire to don my summer wardrobe?  Maybe I’m just thinking of my military son’s desire to show off both types of “guns.” Actually, this particular line from our Bill of Rights came to mind as I was finishing up an Read more