How Insultingfeatured

We hear a lot lately about people being offended. And perhaps like me, you roll your eyes, shake your head and think, “Talk to me when you get a real problem.” Then someone offends or insults me. Or maybe I just get my feelings hurt. And I’m abruptly reminded none of that feels very good. Read more



This. This right here. I love to read that pithy comment on social media. I applaud not only the author’s ability to economize their words, but to do it without sacrificing meaning. Impressive feat- especially for a wordy soul like mine. But if you stroll through the concise book of 1 John, this pronoun pops Read more



Have you had a prescription filled lately? How about a restaurant order? Fulfilled a dream, an expectation, a commitment? Then maybe the word fulfilled seems familiar to you. Because it’s this word that seemed to jump off the page while I read through the gospel of Matthew. He certainly had it on his mind. I Read more


Treasure Huntersfeatured

I’ve noticed that several of my favorite movies have a similar theme: treasure hunting. After all, who doesn’t love a journey with a huge payoff at the end? And so much the better if the way is peppered with thrilling adventures. But I was surprised to see how much these treasure hunts have in common Read more