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Have you had a prescription filled lately? How about a restaurant order? Fulfilled a dream, an expectation, a commitment? Then maybe the word fulfilled seems familiar to you. Because it’s this word that seemed to jump off the page while I read through the gospel of Matthew. He certainly had it on his mind. I Read more


Treasure Huntersfeatured

I’ve noticed that several of my favorite movies have a similar theme: treasure hunting. After all, who doesn’t love a journey with a huge payoff at the end? And so much the better if the way is peppered with thrilling adventures. But I was surprised to see how much these treasure hunts have in common Read more


The Missing Piecefeatured

I have been blessed to have several puzzle buddies—those who will spend precious vacation hours leaning over a jumble of puzzle pieces in varying degrees of assembly. And it was on one such vacation as our puzzle was nearing completion that one of my buddies found– to her horror— that we were missing a piece. Read more