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Spy Wannabefeatured

We just returned from visiting my daughter in D.C. and it reminded me of my first trip there nine or so years ago. That particular trip remains locked in our family lore due to the notoriety I gained –that of being the only member of my son’s eighth grade trip to get lost. Yep, full Read more



A quick word on temptation might not sound very uplifting. But, then again, if you’re presently in the thick of things, with temptation buzzing around your head like a swarm of gnats, this might be a cool drink of water—or a fly swatter; whichever works better. While recently reading the account of Jesus temptation in Read more


Father Knows Bestfeatured

Does anyone else ever treat prayer as the big suggestion box in the sky? Pitiful, isn’t it? I remember a particularly difficult situation when I finally threw up my hands in frustration with the Lord and told Him I had no idea how in the world He was going to fix something. I’m pretty sure Read more