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An Antidotefeatured

May it never cease to amaze me when God’s Word leaps off the page and bounces around in my head shedding new light and teaching new truth– even from a page I’ve previously loved and appreciated, just not from this new angle.  Ephesians 2:6-7 had that effect on me this morning.  In fact, I was Read more


Time Changefeatured

By now, I hope everyone feels accustomed to the recent time change.  Many of you are probably like my husband and prefer this “spring ahead” with its added hour of sunshine.  I, personally am of the fall variety, enjoying the extra hour of sleep. But, either way, it requires some adjustment on our part, be Read more



When I want to express delight or surprise, one of my favorite expressions is, “Look-it!”  In fact, if my sister and I get to spend an hour or two browsing an antique shop, we bounce this word back and forth across the aisles like a ping pong ball.  So I was somewhat dismayed to find Read more