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Over Jordanfeatured

As a young girl in junior church my favorite song began, “Away far over Jordan, We’ll meet in that land. Oh won’t that be grand! Away far over Jordan, We’ll meet in that Beautiful Land, So grand!” I think I loved it because it required finding a buddy to do all the motions with and Read more



Most of us at one time or another have watched people close to us suffer. It is its own unique form of distress. In no way do we fully enter into what our loved ones are experiencing, yet our hearts ache nonetheless. We want to fix things, relieve burdens, stop the pain. But, often no Read more


The With-ness of Godfeatured

No, spellcheck hasn’t fallen asleep at the helm missing that “h” in the title.  Nor, have I developed a sudden literary lisp.  Rather, this is from Kathy’s Thesaurus of Made-up Words.   But I believe it helps highlight one of my favorite attributes of God: His ongoing Presence with us—such a simple, yet remarkable characteristic that, Read more


Look A Likesfeatured

Several years ago my son, Cam and I were grocery shopping and ended up in the check-out line of an elderly gentleman.   As we approached the head of the line the man looked at the two of us, chuckled and told Cam, “You’ll never be able to deny her.”  Of course, my mother’s heart swelled Read more