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Lost in Translationfeatured

  I love to travel. I mean I Love it! In fact, I put a suitcase away last night thrilled with the news it will be out again in a week. Yes, it’s true life gets hectic in between boarding passes, but I’ll take that kind of frenzy. Several years ago on one of these Read more


News Junkiefeatured

Anyone else getting tired of the news?  Perhaps it’s because it’s so full of bad news.  So, how about some good news? Allow me to share a tune I grew up singing called the Wordless book song.  It goes like this:                            My heart was black with sin                            Until the Savior came in.                            Read more


Nothing Can Separatefeatured

(In case this post seems vaguely familiar, yes, it’s a touched-up repost from a little over a year ago.  I’ll claim ignorance to blog-etiquette that may forbid this kind of thing.  It just seemed far too appropriate for today.  That, and I’m not completely convinced I’m not just talking to myself here.  And that’s okay. Read more


Hearts of Fleshfeatured

Today is going to be one of those days. I’m warning you ahead of time: this one’s personal, but I pray, not self-serving. And those can be difficult to differentiate. This is a day I have dreaded for over three years. From the moment my son, Cam told me he wanted to join the Marine Read more