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Blood on Your Consciencefeatured

  Not one to intentionally mix a metaphor, I’ve pondered whether the title is one.  We use the phrases, “blood on our hands” or that something, “weighs on our conscience” both to express guilt.  So it seems ironic that the only Biblical means for removing guilt from our conscience is…blood.  Seem a bit graphic for Read more


Fall Name Tagsfeatured

Does Fall make you want to start crafting?  Funny!  Me too 🙂  And here’s a relatively quick one for you.  But you may have to start by browsing through an antique store or estate sale.  Oh, horrors, right?  Is there anything more fun on a crisp fall weekend? And the reason you might begin by Read more


City Slickerfeatured

  Several close friends of mine have recently wandered clean off the beaten path and purchased farms—like with animals and everything.  Best I can tell, they haven’t completely lost their senses, but I’m keeping an eye on them. I admit being baffled at what’s attracting them to these lifestyles.  Some would call it a pioneering Read more