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Settler vs. Perfectionistfeatured

  I am enjoying the “Settler” commercials presently occupying the airwaves.  You’ve probably seen them: a pioneer family in a present-day neighborhood refuses to participate in modern amenities—most especially, cable TV of some sort.  My favorite episodes show Uncle So‘n So needing his “privicy,” or the children being offered their monthly lick of the family Read more



For some reason, our eyes and minds seem to be drawn to paradox.  Is it our natural sense of curiosity, wondering why something is out of place?  Or do we actually find pleasure in a moderate amount of irony? Authors and composers have long used this tool to create interest.  Tension in a plot draws Read more


Happy Blogaversary!featured

Yes, of course, you get to celebrate too. For it is to you, my “imaginary” friends that I write, trying to anticipate your thoughts and questions, hoping that you smile at some of the same things I do. And for those who would like to subscribe, you’ll find the “subscribe2” link on the lower right Read more