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Names of God Bookmakersfeatured

Whenever I finish up a Bible study, I love to share something with the class to help remind them of some of the truths we’ve learned over the previous weeks.  At present I’m deeply enjoying a study on the Hebrew names of God.  So, as a “parting gift” I want to make a bookmaker that Read more


One Thingfeatured

I’m probably showing my age with this reference, but do you remember the Billy Crystal movie, “City Slickers”?  It begins with Crystal’s character and his closest friends each suffering in differing degrees from a mid-life crisis.  Their solution?  An authentic western cattle drive.  Whatever. But, wisdom finds them in the unlikely person of a crusty Read more



  This may seem like an unlikely pairing, but I heard a Bible teacher this week make a comparison between them that piqued my interest. And when a second teacher independently shared a similar insight, I knew I wanted to dig a bit deeper. Let’s begin in Exodus 33:18 where Moses asks the Lord to Read more


Outstretched Armfeatured

Most of us have seen someone flex their muscles, but why do people do that? To show off their physique, to make you feel threatened or just the opposite, to feel protected? Probably all of the above. But, have you ever thought of God flexing His “muscles”? I have to admit I first heard this Read more