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Have you ever had something so heavy on your heart you had trouble articulating it, even in prayer?  Well, I’ve learned one of the best ways to put these burdens into words is through praying Scripture. Recently I had the blessing/challenge of lifting up a loved one in just such a way.  And I’m so Read more

Be Made Wellfeatured

One of my daughters likes a company named, “Made Well.” They are promoted as sellers of things that are…as you guessed it: made well. And from her description, their goods really hold up to prolonged wear and tear. But what about people? Do we want to be made well? Though that seems like a no-brainer, Read more


Mustard Seed, Mountains and Mulberry Treesfeatured

When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave my sister a necklace with a mustard seed snugged between two quarter-sized magnifying glasses.  Even under this enlargement, the seed was about the size of an asterisk on the printed page. I can only guess that the unenhanced speck was nearly invisible to the naked eye. Read more