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Happy Day Beforefeatured

After last week’s cautionary tale about keeping an unhurried pace through these days, may I offer a big bubbly, Happy Day Before! Oh, I know it’s not an official holiday, but who among us isn’t already joyfully anticipating all that tomorrow holds: family, friends and feasts, to name a few? And most of us with Read more


Walk, Don’t Runfeatured

 As we enter the delightful and harried weeks morphing into an all out sprint towards Christmas, I wonder if anyone else is dreading the pace?  I am a lover of all things Christmas, but right about now I’m trying to figure out ways not to get in over my head. And in case you have no Read more


Strange Pilgrimsfeatured

Like it or not, we are in the grand and glorious buildup to the holiday season. So, perhaps pilgrims are on our minds. Okay, maybe not, but bear with me for a minute. Can you remember those days when you were the new kid in town? Maybe a new school, a new church, new friends? Read more



While the idea of letting some things go and “forgetting about them” is certainly sage advice for stress free living, there is also an inherent danger in what I’ve heard dubbed Spiritual Amnesia. Peter had much to say about this in his second letter. In 2 Peter 1:12-13 he says, “I will always remind you Read more