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Global Warmingfeatured

Fear Not.  I have no intention of waxing political.  But ever a lover of globes, maps and travel in general, I want to share a DIY project for a globe card I hope you’ll “warm-up” to. A quick word to the wise: before agreeing to make a rather large number of cards, always try a Read more


Signed, Sealed, Delivered…featured

Anybody sent any snail mail lately? I’m a bit of a sentimentalist, so it’s a weekly occurrence for me. In fact, I buy stamps by the roll. But even I rarely go to the trouble to affix a wax seal to correspondence. There was a time, though when this was pretty common practice. With that Read more


The Puzzlerfeatured

Have you ever played one of those games where you’re asked, “If you could be a super hero, whom would you choose?” I’d want to be the Puzzler, the nerdy and noble cousin of the Riddler, (and yes, I realize he was a villain, but let’s not get technical). And what, pray tell, would my Read more



I had the opportunity to do some hiking with my husband and our three grown kids this past weekend and was it ever fun. After I caught my breath, that is We were at high altitudes which cause you to become more winded than usual.  That and the fact that our troop was led by Read more