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In reading through the somewhat intimidating book of Revelation, I was alarmed recently at some of the chapters. You’re may be thinking that you’re always alarmed when reading Revelation. Fair enough. I first want to say I do not profess to be a prophet nor to have some special ability to understand passages that have Read more


Separated from Separationfeatured

I hate goodbyes.  I mean I hate them.  I’m that person at the airport with the ugly cry going on drawing stares, pity, sympathy, and you-tube videos. Sometimes I even start dreading a goodbye before a particularly poignant visit begins.  For example, though I’m looking forward to seeing my three kiddos at a family wedding Read more


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  Does the arrival of Fall make anyone else feel like taking on a DIY project?  Good!  Me too.  And this one’s about as easy peasy as they come. I got the idea a couple of weeks ago while reading a Bible lesson.  The writer shared about the provision of God and how important it Read more



How many of you have ever watched something without really seeing it, or heard something without really listening? Me too. And I’ve become increasingly aware of how often the Bible mentions what appears to have been a struggle all down through history. Seeing, but not seeing; hearing, but not hearing. In the book of Matthew, Read more